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Balloons in the Barber Shop [2750878]

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The Chinese Passage Reader series consists of Chinese storybooks tailored for learners whose mother tongue is not Chinese; each book of the series includes 20 stories accompanied by beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. The stories can be categorized into humorous stories, celebrity anecdotes, philosophical stories and love stories, all of which are very interesting. Each book in the series contains a vocabulary of no more than 1200 Chinese words, and each story has 450 to 600 words, with new vocabulary limited to five to ten; moreover, English explanations are provided for the new words so as to reduce the difficulty level for readers. To assist learners' understanding of the texts, we also offer exercises at the end of each passage. The series contains four books, namely, Inviting "Love" into the Home, Balloons in the Barber Shop, For a Phone Call and The Most Beautiful Age. Languages: English, Chinese.

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14.03.2019 - 08.04.2019 266 руб.
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06.11.2019 - 18.11.2019 540 руб.
19.11.2019 - 21.11.2019 583 руб.
22.11.2019 - 08.12.2019 540 руб.