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The Seal of the Worm [1999729]

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The Empire stands victorious over its enemies at last. With her chief rival cast into the abyss, Empress Seda now faces the truth of what she has cost the world in order to win the war. The Seal has been shattered, and the Worm stirs towards the light for the first time in a thousand years. Already it is striking at the surface, voraciously consuming everything its questing tendrils touch. Faced with this threat, Seda knows that only the most extreme of solutions can lock the Worm back in the dark once again. But if she will go to such appalling lengths to save the world from the Worm, then who will save the world from her? For all the fans who loved the long-running Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, this is the concluding novel in Adrian Tchaikovsky's ten book epic fantasy series Shadows of the Apt.

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