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Exam Essentials Practice Tests. Cambridge English: Advanced 2 (+ DVD)
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Exam Essentials Practice Tests. Cambridge English: Advanced 2 (+ DVD) [1985849]

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Exam Essentials is our major British English exam preparation series combining exam preparation, practice, and tips for the revised Cambridge English exams. This effective combination of testing and teaching has proved a popular formula with teachers and students. The first two practice tests in each book are 'walk-through' tests. Students are carefully guided through the tests and shown how they work and what they have to do to succeed in each part of the exam. Additional step-by-step support for the Writing paper is offered in all the tests. All of the tests are written by experts in the field, which means that students preparing for the exams experience material that is appropriate for and at a level at least as high as the actual exams. Candidates internationally find the Speaking test very challenging. To help them deal with this, each Practice Test book comes with a DVD-ROM which includes a bespoke video showing a complete Speaking test interview as well as an examiner talking about this part of the exam and giving students expert guidance on how to approach it. The DVD-ROM also features worksheets to use with the interview and all the Listening test files.

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